CoordinateSystemManager.transform_data(data, source_coordinate_system_name, target_coordinate_system_name)#

Transform spatial data from one coordinate system to another.

  • data (Union[DataArray, _SupportsArray[dtype[Any]], _NestedSequence[_SupportsArray[dtype[Any]]], bool, int, float, complex, str, bytes, _NestedSequence[Union[bool, int, float, complex, str, bytes]], Quantity]) – Point cloud input as array-like with cartesian x,y,z-data stored in the last dimension. When using xarray objects, the vector dimension is expected to be named “c” and have coordinates “x”,”y”,”z”

  • source_coordinate_system_name (str) – Name of the coordinate system the data is defined in

  • target_coordinate_system_name (str) – Name of the coordinate system the data should be transformed to


Transformed data

Return type:

Union[weldx.geometry.SpatialData, xarray.DataArray]