SpatialData.plot(axes=None, color=None, label=None, show_wireframe=True, limits=None, backend='mpl')#

Plot the spatial data.

  • axes (matplotlib.axes.Axes) – The target matplotlib.axes.Axes object of the plot. If ‘None’ is passed, a new figure will be created

  • color (Union[int, Tuple[int, int, int], Tuple[float, float, float]]) – A 24 bit integer, a triplet of integers with a value range of 0-255 or a triplet of floats with a value range of 0.0-1.0 that represent an RGB color

  • label (str) – Label of the plotted geometry

  • limits – Either a single tuple of two float values that specifies the minimum and maximum value of all 3 axis or a list containing 3 tuples to specify the limits of each axis individually. If None is passed, the limits will be set automatically.

  • show_wireframe (bool) – (Matplotlib only) If True, the mesh is plotted as wireframe. Otherwise only the raster points are visualized.

  • backend

    Select the rendering backend of the plot. The options are:

    • k3d to get an interactive plot using k3d

    • mpl for static plots using matplotlib

    Note that k3d only works inside jupyter notebooks


The utilized matplotlib axes, if matplotlib was used as rendering backend

Return type: