CoordinateSystemManager.plot(backend='mpl', axes=None, reference_system=None, coordinate_systems=None, data_sets=None, colors=None, title=None, limits=None, time=None, time_ref=None, axes_equal=False, scale_vectors=None, show_data_labels=True, show_labels=True, show_origins=True, show_traces=True, show_vectors=True, show_wireframe=False)#

Plot the coordinate systems of the coordinate system manager.

  • backend (str) –

    Select the rendering backend of the plot. The options are:

    • k3d to get an interactive plot using k3d

    • mpl for static plots using matplotlib

    Note that k3d only works inside jupyter notebooks

  • axes (matplotlib.axes.Axes) – (matplotlib only) The target axes object that should be drawn to. If None is provided, a new one will be created.

  • reference_system (Optional[str]) – The name of the reference system for the plotted coordinate systems

  • coordinate_systems (Optional[list[str]]) – Names of the coordinate systems that should be drawn. If None is provided, all systems are plotted.

  • data_sets (Optional[list[str]]) – Names of the data sets that should be drawn. If None is provided, all data is plotted.

  • colors (Optional[dict[str, int | tuple[int, int, int]]]) – A mapping between a coordinate system name or a data set name and a color. The colors must be provided as 24 bit integer values that are divided into three 8 bit sections for the rgb values. For example 0xFF0000 for pure red. Each coordinate system or data set that does not have a mapping in this dictionary will get a default color assigned to it.

  • title (Optional[str]) – The title of the plot

  • limits (Optional[list[tuple[float, float]]]) – The coordinate limits of the plot.

  • time (Union[DatetimeIndex, datetime64, list[str], Time, TimedeltaIndex, Quantity, timedelta64, Timestamp, str, TimeDependent, None]) – The time steps that should be plotted

  • time_ref (Union[Timestamp, str, Time, None]) – A reference timestamp that can be provided if the time parameter is a pandas.TimedeltaIndex

  • axes_equal (bool) –

    (matplotlib only) If True, all axes are adjusted to cover an equally large

    range of value. That doesn’t mean, that the limits are identical

  • scale_vectors (Union[float, list, ndarray, None]) – (matplotlib only) A scaling factor or array to adjust the length of the coordinate system vectors

  • show_data_labels (bool) – (k3d only) If True, plotted data sets get labels with their names attached to them

  • show_labels (bool) – (k3d only) If True, plotted coordinate systems get labels with their names attached to them

  • show_origins (bool) – If True, the origins of the coordinate system are visualized in the color assigned to the coordinate system.

  • show_traces (bool) – If True, the trace of time dependent coordinate systems is plotted in the coordinate systems color.

  • show_vectors (bool) – (matplotlib only) If True, the coordinate cross of time dependent coordinate systems is plotted.

  • show_wireframe (bool) – (k3d only) If True, data sets that contain mesh data are rendered in wireframe mode. If False, the data