WeldxFile.sync(all_array_storage=None, all_array_compression='input', pad_blocks=False, include_block_index=True, version=None, **kwargs)#

Update the file on disk in place.

  • all_array_storage (string, optional) –

    If provided, override the array storage type of all blocks in the file immediately before writing. Must be one of:

    • internal: The default. The array data will be stored in a binary block in the same ASDF file.

    • external: Store the data in a binary block in a separate ASDF file.

    • inline: Store the data as YAML inline in the tree.

  • all_array_compression (string, optional) –

    If provided, set the compression type on all binary blocks in the file. Must be one of:

    • '' or None: No compression.

    • zlib: Use zlib compression.

    • bzp2: Use bzip2 compression.

    • lz4: Use lz4 compression.

    • input: Use the same compression as in the file read. If there is no prior file, acts as None

  • pad_blocks (float or bool, optional) – Add extra space between blocks to allow for updating of the file. If False (default), add no padding (always return 0). If True, add a default amount of padding of 10% If a float, it is a factor to multiple content_size by to get the new total size.

  • include_block_index (bool, optional) – If False, don’t include a block index at the end of the file. (Default: True) A block index is never written if the file has a streamed block.

  • version (str, optional) – Update the ASDF Standard version of this AsdfFile before writing.

  • auto_inline (int, optional) – DEPRECATED. When the number of elements in an array is less than this threshold, store the array as inline YAML, rather than a binary block. This only works on arrays that do not share data with other arrays. Default is the value specified in asdf.get_config().array_inline_threshold.