Evaluate the generic series at discrete coordinates.

If the weldx.GenericSeries is composed of discrete values, the data is interpolated using the specified interpolation method.

Expressions are simply evaluated if coordinates for all dimensions are provided which results in a new discrete weldx.GenericSeries. In case that some dimensions are left without coordinates, a new expression based weldx.GenericSeries is returned. The provided coordinates are stored as parameters and the corresponding dimensions are no longer variables of the new weldx.GenericSeries.


kwargs – An arbitrary number of keyword arguments. The key must be a dimension name of the weldx.GenericSeries and the values are the corresponding coordinates where the weldx.GenericSeries should be evaluated. It is not necessary to provide values for all dimensions. Partial evaluation is also possible.


A new generic series with the (partially) evaluated data.

Return type: