classmethod MeasurementChain.from_equipment(name, equipment, source_name=None)#

Create a measurement chain from a piece of equipment that contains a source.

  • name – Name of the measurement chain

  • equipment (MeasurementEquipment) – A piece of equipment that contains one or more sources

  • source_name – In case the provided equipment has more than one source, the desired one can be selected by name. If it only has a single source, this parameter can be set to None (default)


New measurement chain

Return type:



>>> from weldx import Q_
>>> from weldx.measurement import Error, MeasurementChain,        MeasurementEquipment, Signal, SignalSource

Create a signal source

>>> current_source = SignalSource(name="Current sensor",
...                               error=Error(Q_(0.1, "percent")),
...                               output_signal=Signal(signal_type="analog",
...                                                    units="V")
...                               )

Create the equipment

>>> current_sensor = MeasurementEquipment(name="Current Sensor",
...                                       sources=[current_source]
...                                       )

Create a measurement chain using the equipment

>>> mc = MeasurementChain.from_equipment(name="Current measurement chain",
...                                      equipment=current_sensor
...                                      )