class weldx.DynamicTraceSegment(series, max_coord=1, limit_orientation_to_xy=False, **kwargs)#

Trace segment that can be defined by a SpatialSeries.

Initialize a DynamicTraceSegment.

  • series (Union[SpatialSeries, Quantity, DataArray, str, MathematicalExpression]) – A SpatialSeries that describes the trajectory of the trace segment. Alternatively, one can pass every other object that is valid as first argument to of the __init__ method of the SpatialSeries.

  • max_coord (float) – [only expression based SpatialSeries] The maximum coordinate value of the passed series dimension that specifies the position on the 3d line. The value defines the segments length by evaluating the expression on the interval [0, max_coord]

  • limit_orientation_to_xy (bool) – If True, the orientation vectors of the coordinate systems along the trace are confined to the xy-plane.

  • kwargs – A set of keyword arguments that will be forwarded to the __init__ method of the SpatialSeries in case the series parameter isn’t already a SpatialSeries.



Get an array of the points at the specified relative positions.


Get the length from the start of the segment to the passed relative position.


Calculate a local coordinate system at a position of the trace segment.



Get the length of the segment.