WeldxFile.write_to(fd=None, array_inline_threshold=None, **write_args)#

Write current contents to given file name or file type.

  • fd (Union[str, Path, IOBase, SupportsFileReadOnly, SupportsFileReadWrite, None]) – May be a string path to a file, or a Python file-like object. If a string path, the file is automatically closed after writing. If None is given, write to a new buffer.

  • array_inline_threshold – arrays below this threshold will be serialized as string, if larger as binary block.

  • write_args

    Allowed parameters:

    • all_array_storage=None

    • all_array_compression=’input’

    • auto_inline=None

    • pad_blocks=False

    • include_block_index=True

    • version=None


The given input file name or a buffer, in case the input it was omitted.

Return type: