TimeSeries.plot(time=None, axes=None, data_name='values', time_unit=None, **mpl_kwargs)#

Plot the TimeSeries.

  • time (Union[TimedeltaIndex, Quantity, None]) – The points in time that should be plotted. This is an optional parameter for discrete TimeSeries but mandatory for expression based TimeSeries.

  • axes (Optional[Axes]) – An optional matplotlib axes object

  • data_name (str) – Name of the data that will appear in the y-axis label

  • mpl_kwargs – Key word arguments that are passed to the matplotlib plot function

  • time_unit (Union[str, Unit, UnitsContainer, None]) – The desired time unit for the plot. If None is provided, the internally stored unit will be used.

Return type:



matplotlib.axes.Axes :

The matplotlib axes object that was used for the plot