class weldx.geometry.DynamicBaseSegment(series, max_coord=1, **kwargs)#

Segment class to define arbitrary lines using the SpatialSeries.

Initialize a DynamicBaseSegment.

  • series (SpatialSeries | Quantity | DataArray | str | MathematicalExpression) – A SpatialSeries that describes the trajectory of the shape segment. Alternatively, one can pass every other object that is valid as first argument to of the __init__ method of the SpatialSeries.

  • max_coord (float) – [only expression based SpatialSeries] The maximum coordinate value of the passed series dimension that specifies the position on the 2d line. The value defines the segments length by evaluating the expression on the interval [0, max_coord]

  • kwargs – A set of keyword arguments that will be forwarded to the __init__ method of the SpatialSeries in case the series parameter isn’t already a SpatialSeries.



Get an array of the points at the specified relative positions.


Get the length from the start of the segment to the passed relative position.



Get the length of the segment.