CoordinateSystemManager.add_cs(coordinate_system_name, reference_system_name, lcs, lsc_child_in_parent=True)#

Add a coordinate system to the coordinate system manager.

If the specified system already exists with the same parent system it will be updated. If the parent systems does not match, an exception is raised.


The time component of coordinate systems without defined reference time is assumed to refer to the same reference time as the CoordinateSystemManager. In case that the CoordinateSystemManager does not possess a reference time, you have to assure that either all or none of the added coordinate systems have a reference time. Violation of this rule will cause an exception. If neither the CoordinateSystemManager nor the attached coordinate systems have a reference time, all time deltas are expected to have common but undefined reference time.

  • coordinate_system_name (str) – Name of the new coordinate system.

  • reference_system_name (str) – Name of the parent system. This must have been already added.

  • lcs (LocalCoordinateSystem) – An instance of LocalCoordinateSystem that describes how the new coordinate system is oriented in its parent system.

  • lsc_child_in_parent (bool) – If set to True, the passed LocalCoordinateSystem instance describes the new system orientation towards is parent. If False, it describes how the parent system is positioned in its new child system.