Release Notes#

0.6.7 (2023.08.24)#


  • added weldx.exceptions module with WeldxException [PR 871] .


  • fix compatibility with pint=0.21 [PR 876].

  • fix typing compatibility with pint=0.22 [PR 880].

  • add read_buffer_context and write_read_buffer_context to weldx.asdf.util to fix tests accessing closed files. GH 873 [PR 875].


  • removed keyword dummy_inline_arrays from function asdf.util.write_buffer as it was only used internally [PR 875].


  • update PintQuantityConverter and PintUnitConverter class assignments for pint=0.22 [PR 880].

  • use ValidationError from asdf instead of jsonschema [PR 886].


  • require asdf>=2.15.1 [PR 886]

0.6.6 (19.04.2023)#

Version 0.6.6 is a compatibility release for xarray>=2023.4.0 .


  • explicitly keep reference time as xarray attribute in transformation and interpolation operations [PR 868] .


  • compatibility with xarray=2023.4.0 and pandas=2 [PR 868] .

0.6.5 (2023.04.06)#

Version 0.6.5 is a compatibility release to support new asdf and xarray and drops support for Python 3.8. Please see the new minimal version requirements below.


  • fix non quantified xarray parameter inputs to MathematicalExpression [PR 864].


  • drop Python 3.8 support [PR 866]

  • require xarray >= 2022.9.0, as LocalCoordinateSystem now handles merges correctly [PR 861].

  • require asdf>=2.15 for new extension style validator interface [PR 863].

  • require scipy >=1.6.2 and networkx >=2.8.2 [PR 866]


  • Move validators to new extension style and remove legacy extension code [PR 863].

0.6.4 (09.02.2023)#

Version 0.6.4 is a small maintenance release with no changes affecting user code.


  • WeldxFile also shows its JSON widget header representation in a JupyterHub based environment [PR 854].


  • remove preliminary validators from new style ASDF extension for compatibility with upcoming asdf changes [PR 853].

0.6.3 (02.02.2023)#

Version 0.6.3 is a minor release to increase compatibility with Python 3.11 and asdf 2.14 with updates to the documentation structure and a new schema for video files.


  • New class to handle image sequence data and videos weldx.util.media_file.MediaFile [PR 727].


  • Pin asdf<2.14 due to changes in the extension mechanism [PR 828].

  • Unpin asdf due to fix in asdf 2.14.3 release [PR 834].

  • Unpin maximum Python version (again). [PR 837].


  • Remove outdated calls to weldx.asdf.util.get_highest_tag_version in TimeSeries and SpatialData converters [PR 831].

  • Use Ruff in pre-commit-action [PR 824].

  • Use MyST-NB for documentation building [PR 830].

  • WeldxFile correctly determines whether to display the header via widgets or text [PR 848].


  • update to asdf:// [PR 727]

  • add asdf:// [PR 727]

0.6.2 (07.11.2022)#

Release 0.6.2 comes with new and updated tutorials and some minor fixes and code improvements.


  • New tutorial that demonstrates the usage of the CSM in conjunction with an existing WelDX file [PR 793]

  • New tutorial about the MeasurementChain class using an existing WelDX file [PR 796]


  • weldx now requires pip to install (previously it could be installed by directly invoking [PR 774]. From a users perspective nothing changes here, as the package was always recommended to be installed via pip.

  • Updated the outdated tutorial about the LocalCoordinateSystem [PR 775]

  • weld_seam is now a required field in the multi_pass_weld schema [PR 790]

  • Add section about time-dependent spatial data to the CoordinateSystemManager tutorial [PR 792]


  • MathematicalExpression now uses SciPy and NumPy in numerical function evaluation. This enables it to use advanced integration methods and fixes lengths computation of DynamicShapeSegment [PR 770].

  • Fix errors in tutorial about quality standards [PR 777]

  • Correct wrong handling of absolute times of the TimeSeries class [PR 791]

  • Added support for Pint 0.20 [PR 818].

0.6.1 (19.05.2022)#

Release 0.6.1 moves advanced plotting functions over to the weldx-widgets package and includes minor bugfixes.


  • WeldxFile now raises a KeyError, if the user tries to directly read or manipulate a protected ASDF keyword within the file. [PR 759]

  • Updated the outdated tutorial about the CoordinateSystemManager [PR 767]


  • Fix interactive view_tree display [PR 756].

  • Increase mypy coverage and update type hints and GH action [PR 753].


  • weldx now (optionally) requires weldx_widgets to visualize coordinate systems/manager [PR 749].

  • NumPy is not required as a build time dependency anymore, as Bottleneck now provides binaries on PyPI [PR 749].

0.6.0 (29.04.2022)#

This release includes major changes to the handling and support of units in the API and ASDF schemas. All classes now support and require quantities where appropriate. Plain numbers without units are no longer supported and will raise an exception. If the number is truly dimensionless, you still have to wrap it with the quantity class weldx.Q_ like this:

my_number = 42.0
my_number_wrapped = weldx.Q_(my_number, "meter")

Furthermore, a new class called GenericSeries was added. It provides a common interface to describe coordinate-based data either by discrete values or mathematical expressions. A built-in mechanism lets you derive specialized series with specific requirements. For more information, have a look at the new tutorial .


  • DynamicShapeSegment [PR 713]

  • SpatialSeries and DynamicTraceSegment [PR 699]

  • first draft of the multi_pass_weld schema for WelDX files [PR 667]

  • add GenericSeries as base class supporting arrays and equations [PR 618]

  • add experimental unit support for .weldx.interp_like accessor [PR 518]

  • new tutorial series that introduces the most important WelDX features step by step based on a full example file [PR 555]

  • add path option to and WeldxFile.show_asdf_header [PR 555]


  • removed access to [PR 744]


  • The wx_property_tag validator now also accepts lists of different tags. [PR 670] When multiple tags are passed, validation will fail if none of the supplied patterns match.

  • Due to a pandas update, using the + operator with Time and either a pandas.TimedeltaIndex or pandas.DatetimeIndex now only works if the Time instance is on the left-hand side. [PR 684]

  • LocalCoordinateSystem and CoordinateSystemManager now support pint.Quantity as coordinates. Types without units are still supported but are deprecated. [PR 683]

  • Renamed show_asdf_header of WeldxFile to WeldxFile.header. [PR 694]

  • WeldxFile.custom_schema now accepts an optional tuple with the first element being a schema to validate upon read, the second upon writing the data. [PR 697]

  • Reshape SpatialData coordinates to (-1, 3) before exporting with meshio for compatibility. [PR 723]

  • SpatialData, LocalCoordinateSystem and CoordinateSystemManager now require units [PR 731]


  • TimeSeries can now be serialized correctly when using absolute times [PR 677]


  • update PR link format in the changelog [PR 658]

  • new tutorial that describes how to work with workpiece data from a WelDX file [PR 681]


  • update weldx extension and manifest version to 0.1.1 [PR 655]

  • removed legacy weldx tag and schema support [PR 600]

  • update core/geometry/spatial_data to version 0.1.1 with support for multidimensional data [PR 655]

  • add wx_shape validation support for core/data_array [PR 655]

  • update core/time_series schema to use time/time [PR 677]

  • update core/variable schema to allow single string as data [PR 707]

  • update the default sorting order of select_tag for WeldxConverter [PR 733]

  • add custom validation behavior to wx_unit [PR 739]


  • Coordinates without units for LocalCoordinateSystem and CoordinateSystemManager


  • weldx now works with Python-3.10. [PR 696]

  • bump to asdf >=2.8.2 [PR 668]

  • add pint-xarray dependency [PR 518]

  • bump to numpy>=1.20 (for numpy.typing) [PR 656]

  • bump to pint >=0.18 for typing [PR 664]

  • bump to xarray >=0.19 for array creation compatibility [PR 618]

  • add bidict dependency [PR 618]

  • set networkx !=2.7 for plotting compatibility (for now) [PR 714, PR 722]

0.5.2 (18.11.2021)#


  • CoordinateSystemManager can now delete already assigned data with CoordinateSystemManager.delete_data. GH 644 [PR 645]

  • WeldxFile handles an array_inline_threshold parameter to indicate if short arrays will be serialized as strings, or as binary block. Note that this does not affect arrays, which are being shared across several objects in the same file. [PR 643]


  • WeldxFile now raises an exception, if a warning is emitted during loading the weldx ASDF extension, this should prevent erroneous data during loading, for example missing dependencies. [PR 641]

  • WeldxFile now hides ASDF added fields like history and asdf_library from the dictionary interface. To access these, there are separate properties [PR 625].

  • Allow handling of time values as singular coordinates without dimensions in some classes [PR 635].


  • Fix wrong dimension order being passed through in SpatialData [PR 635].


  • Removed ipykernel dependency. [PR 634]

  • The K3D implementation now uses the experimental weldx-widgets backend if available [PR 636]

0.5.1 (04.11.2021)#


  • Time.duration to get the covered duration of the data and Time.resample to get a new Time instance with resampled time data within the same boundaries as the original object [PR 603]

  • Added weldx.geometry.SpatialData.limits to calculate coordinate boundaries. [PR 604]

  • Added weldx.asdf.util.get_schema_tree utility to display schema files. [PR 610]


  • All public interfaces of the weldx.geometry module classes now require the usage of units and support unit strings as inputs. [PR 588]

  • CoordinateSystemManager.time_union now returns a Time instance instead of a pandas type [PR 603]

  • SpatialData now supports time dependent data. [PR 612]

  • Renamed the parameter coordinate_system_name of CoordinateSystemManager.assign_data to reference_system and added the parameter target_system. If the latter one is not None, the data will be transformed and stored at this coordinate system. [PR 612]

  • improve dimension handling of SpatialData [PR 622]

  • The MathematicalExpression now supports xarray.DataArray as parameters. Furthermore, multidimensional parameters of a MathematicalExpression that is passed to a TimeSeries are no longer required to have an extra dimension that represents time. [PR 621]


  • fix broken Time.all_close to now work as intended [PR 603]

  • fix weldx.asdf.util.get_yaml_header to work correctly with windows line endings. [PR 609]



  • fix process missing as required property in single_pass_weld-0.1.0.yaml [PR 627]


  • removed welding.util.lcs_coords_from_ts [PR 620]


  • adjust code to support pint 0.18 unit formatting. [PR 616]

0.5.0 (12.10.2021)#

Release 0.5.0 brings a major rework of the weldx standard and many API improvements:


  • weldx now internally uses the reworked ASDF extension API. The schema and tag naming patterns have also changed to the recommended asdf:// format.

  • New Time class to make handling of time related functionality easier and consistent.

  • many internal reworks to streamline the code.

  • rework the API documentation to show the most important classes.


  • the 0.5.x versions will retain backwards compatibility with files generated with the 0.4.x versions and convert them to the new naming schema on save. Support for the old schemas will be dropped in the 0.6 release.


  • added “units” (exact) and “dimensionality” (dimensionality compatible) checking options to util.xr_check_coords [PR 442]

  • Time class that can be initialized from several other time types and provides time related utility functions [PR 433]

  • TimeSeries now supports setting a reference_time absolute time values for interpolation [PR 440]

  • LocalCoordinateSystem.from_axis_vectors and CoordinateSystemManager.create_cs_from_axis_vectors [PR 472]

  • added PyTest flags to use WeldxFile internally in asdf.util.read_buffer and asdf.util.write_buffer [PR 469].

  • added classes and functions at the top-level of the package to the documentation [PR 437].

  • added weldx.asdf.util.get_highest_tag_version utility function [PR 523].

  • added support for parsing temperature deltas with Δ° notation [PR 565].

  • to print a quick content overview to the stdout. [PR 576].


  • removed functions now covered by Time: pandas_time_delta_to_quantity, to_pandas_time_index, get_time_union [PR 448]

  • removed custom wx_tag validator [PR 461]

  • attrdict dependency replaced with a custom implementation of recursive dicts [PR 470].

  • from_xyz, from_xy_and_orientation, from_yz_and_orientation and from_xz_and_orientation from LocalCoordinateSystem. Use LocalCoordinateSystem.from_axis_vectors instead. [PR 472]

  • create_cs_from_xyz, create_cs_from_xy_and_orientation, create_cs_from_yz_and_orientation and create_cs_from_xz_and_orientation from CoordinateSystemManager. Use CoordinateSystemManager.create_cs_from_axis_vectors instead. [PR 472]

  • is_column_in_matrix, is_row_in_matrix, to_float_array, to_list, matrix_is_close, vector_is_close and triangulate_geometry from weldx.util [PR 490]

  • remove the : syntax from wx_shape validation [PR 537]


  • move welding.util.sine utility function to weldx.welding.util [PR 439]

  • LocalCoordinateSystem and CoordinateSystemManager function parameters related to time now support all types that are also supported by the new Time class [PR 448]

  • LocalCoordinateSystem.interp_time returns static systems if only a single time value is passed or if there is no overlap between the interpolation time range and the coordinate systems time range. This also affects the results of some CoordinateSystemManager methods (CoordinateSystemManager.get_cs , CoordinateSystemManager.interp_time) [PR 476]

  • util.WeldxAccessor.time_ref setter now raises a TypeError if None is passed to it [PR 489]

  • move xarray related utility functions into weldx.util.xarray and all other ones into weldx.util.util. Content from both submodules can still be accessed using weldx.util [PR 490]

  • xarray implementations for the LocalCoordinateSystem now operate on time as a dimension instead of coordinates [PR 486]

  • WeldxFile.copy now creates a copy to a (optional) file. Before it just returned a dictionary [PR 504].

  • changed the default pint.Unit formatting to short notation :~ [PR 519]. (the asdf serialization still uses long notation ([PR 560]))

  • welding_current and welding_voltage in the single-pass weld schema now expect the tag "asdf://*" instead of "asdf://*" [PR 578].

  • Geometry.__init__ now also accepts an iso.IsoBaseGroove as profile parameter [PR 583].

  • Renamed Geometry.__init__ parameter trace to trace_or_length. A pint.Quantity is now an accepted input. In this case the value will be used to create a linear trace of the given length [PR 583].


  • WeldxFile.show_asdf_header prints output on console, before it only returned the header as parsed dict and string representation. Also tweaked efficiency by not writing binary blocks [PR 459], [PR 469].

  • Merging and unmerging multiple CoordinateSystemManager instances now correctly preserves all attached data. [PR 494].

  • util.compare_nested can compare sets [PR 496]

  • WeldxFile respects mode argument also for BytesIO and file handles [PR 539].


  • added installation guide with complete environment setup (Jupyterlab with extensions) and possible problems and solutions [PR 450]

  • split API documentation into user classes/functions and a full API reference [PR 469].

  • added citation metadata in CITATION.cff [PR 568].


  • all schema version numbers set to 0.1.0 [PR 535].

  • add time/time schema to support Time class [PR 463].

  • rework ASDF extension to new asdf 2.8 API [PR 467]

    • move schema files to weldx/schemas

    • create extension manifest in weldx/manifests. The manifest also contains tag mappings for legacy tag names for backwards compatibility.

    • move tag module to weldx/tags

    • refactor all asdf uris to new asdf:// naming convention, see

    • replaced all referenced weldx tag versions in schemas with 0.1.*

    • refactor asdf:// to asdf:// and enable schema test

    • add legacy class for validators support in

    • asdf utility functions weldx.asdf.util.uri_match, weldx.asdf.util.get_converter_for_tag and weldx.asdf.util.get_weldx_extension

    • add devtools/scripts/ to auto update manifest from extension metadata

    • custom shape validation must now be implemented via staticmethod weldx.asdf.types.WeldxConverter.shape_from_tagged

  • provide legacy schema support in weldx/schemas/ [PR 533]

  • rewrote asdf:// schema for the CoordinateSystemManager. It uses the digraph schemas to serialize the coordinate system structure. [PR 497]

  • add asdf:// and asdf:// schemas [PR 522]

  • use asdf:// instead of [PR 542].

  • refactor properties named unit to units and use unit/unit tag [PR 551].

  • reworked the optional syntax for wx_shape validation [PR 571].


  • set k3d!=2.10 because of conda dependency bugs [GH 474, PR 577]

  • Python 3.10 is not supported in this version. [PR 575]

0.4.1 (20.07.2021)#


  • closed_mesh parameter to Geometry.spatial_data and SpatialData.from_geometry_raster [PR 414]

  • TimeSeries.plot and measurement.Signal.plot [PR 420]

  • abstract base class time.TimeDependent [PR 460]


  • TimeSeries __init__ accepts xarray.DataArray as data parameter [PR 429]

  • The LocalCoordinateSystem.time and TimeSeries.time now return an instance of Time [PR 464]

  • Fix wrong and incomplete type-hints [PR 435]


  • sort List[str] before serialization of most weldx classes to avoid random reordering in the same file and enforce consistency. [PR 430]


  • lcs_coords_from_ts will be removed in version 0.5.0 [PR 426]

0.4.0 (13.07.2021)#

Release 0.4.0 brings many new major features to weldx


  • Quality Standards: Users can now create and integrate their own quality standards by defining new ASDF schema definitions and loading them into weldx. It is possible to add new definitions or modify existing schemas to create your own flavour of the weldx standard.

  • WeldxFile: Create/Load/Modify asdf files directly using WeldxFile with many helpful utility functions included.

  • TimeSeries support for LocalCoordinateSystem: It is now possible to define a time-dependent LocalCoordinateSystem with a simple function by passing a TimeSeries object with a MathematicalExpression as coordinates. For an example, click the link above.

  • MeasurementChain The measurement.MeasurementChain has been reworked to be easier and more flexible to use.

full changelog below:


  • add support for quality standards. Further information can be found in the corresponding new tutorial. [PR 211]

  • added asdf.util.get_schema_path helper function [PR 325]

  • added util.compare_nested to check equality of two nested data structures. [PR 328]

  • added WeldxFile wrapper to handle asdf files with history and schemas more easily. [PR 341].

  • add "step" as additional method to util.xr_interp_like [PR 363]

  • add util.dataclass_nested_eq decorator for dataclasses with array-like fields [PR 378]

  • adds a asdf.util.dataclass_serialization_class utility function that automatically generates the asdf serialization class for python dataclasses. [PR 380]

  • Added method to set the interpolation method to the TimeSeries [PR 353]

  • Add TimeSeries.is_discrete and TimeSeries.is_expression properties to TimeSeries [PR 366]

  • Add measurement.MeasurementChain.output_signal property that returns the output signal of the measurement.MeasurementChain [PR 394]


  • WXRotation.from_euler now accepts a pint.Quantity as input. [PR 318]

  • move tests folder to weldx/tests [PR 323]

  • asdf.util.get_yaml_header received a new option parse, which optionally returns the parsed YAML header as asdf.tagged.TaggedDict. [PR 338]

  • refactor asdf_json_repr into asdf.util.view_tree [PR 339]

  • TimeSeries.interp_time [PR 353]

    • now returns a new TimeSeries instead of a xarray.DataArray

    • if the data has already been interpolated before, a warning is emitted

    • TimeSeries supports now all interpolation methods supported by xarray

  • The measurement.MeasurementChain is now internally based on a networkx.DiGraph. New functions are also added to the class to simplify its usage. [PR 326] The following additional changes were applied during the update of the measurement.MeasurementChain:

    • renamed DataTransformation class to measurement.SignalTransformation

    • renamed Source to measurement.SignalSource

    • Added additional functionality to measurement.Signal, measurement.SignalTransformation and GenericEquipment

    • Removed Data class

    • Updated asdf schemas of all modified classes and the ones that contained references to those classes

  • allow input of string quantities in MathematicalExpression parameters and a few other places [PR 402] [PR 416]

  • LocalCoordinateSystem __init__ now accepts a TimeSeries as input. All methods of the CoordinateSystemManager also support this new behavior [PR 366]

  • During the creation of a WeldxFile the path of a passed custom schema is resolved automatically [PR 412].


  • Add new tutorial about the measurement.MeasurementChain [PR 326]

  • Updated the measurement tutorial [PR 326]


  • fix inline array serialization for new 64bit inline limit [PR 218]

  • add asdf.extension.WeldxExtension.yaml_tag_handles to WeldxExtension [PR 218]

  • add uuid-1.0.0.yaml schema as basic version 4 UUID implementation [PR 330]

  • add core/graph/di_node, core/graph/di_edge & core/graph/di_graph for implementing a generic networkx.DiGraph [PR 330]

  • compatibility with ASDF-2.8 [PR 355]

  • data attached to an instance of the CoordinateSystemManager is now also stored in a WelDX file [PR 364]

  • replace references to base asdf tags with -1.* version wildcard [PR 373]

  • update single-pass-weldx.1.0.0.schema to allow groove types by wildcard [PR 373]

  • fix attributes serialization of DataSet children [PR 384].

  • update wx_shape syntax in local_coordinate_system-1.0.0 [PR 366]

  • add custom wx_shape validation to variable-1.0.0 [PR 366]

  • remove outdated TimeSeries shape validation code [PR 399]

  • use asdf tag validation pattern for wx_property_tag [PR 410]

  • update MathematicalExpression schema [PR 410]


  • added check for symmetric key difference for mappings with util.compare_nested [PR 377]


  • deprecate wx_tag validator (use default asdf uri pattern matching) [PR 410]

0.3.3 (30.03.2021)#

This is a bugfix release to correctly include the asdf schema files in conda builds. [PR 314]


  • fix required welding wire metadata in single-pass-weldx.1.0.0.schema [PR 316]

0.3.2 (29.03.2021)#


  • util.deprecated decorator [PR 295]


  • rotation_matrix_x, rotation_matrix_y and rotation_matrix_z [PR 317]


  • restrict scipy!=1.6.0,scipy!=1.6.1 [PR 300]


  • add validators to rotation-1.0.0.yaml & gas_component-1.0.0.yaml [PR 303]

  • update descriptions in single-pass-weldx.1.0.0.schema [PR 308]


  • prevent creation of welding.groove.iso_9692_1.IsoBaseGroove with negative parameters [PR 306]

0.3.1 (21.03.2021)#


  • plot function for measurement.MeasurementChain [PR 288]


  • remove the additionalProperties restriction from single_pass_weld-1.0.0.schema.yaml [PR 283]

  • allow scalar integer value in anyOf of time_series-1.0.0.yaml to fix [PR 282, PR 286]

  • add examples to schema files [PR 274]


  • CoordinateSystemManager.plot_graph now renders static and time-dependent edges differently [PR 291]

  • use pint compatible array syntax in welding.groove.iso_9692_1.IsoBaseGroove.to_profile methods [PR 189]

  • CSM and LCS plot function get a scale_vectors parameter. It scales the plotted coordinate system vectors when using matplotlib as backend [PR 293]


  • A warning is now emitted if a LocalCoordinateSystem drops a provided time during construction. This usually happens if the coordinates and orientation only contain a single data point. [PR 285]

0.3.0 (12.03.2021)#


  • add CoordinateSystemManager.relabel function [PR 219]

  • add SpatialData class for storing 3D point data with optional triangulation [PR 234]

  • add plot function to SpatialData [PR 251]

  • add plot function to visualize LocalCoordinateSystem and CoordinateSystemManager instances in 3d space [PR 231]

  • add weldx.welding.groove.iso_9692_1.IsoBaseGroove.cross_sect_area property to compute cross sectional area between the workpieces [PR 248].

  • add weldx.welding.util.compute_welding_speed function [PR 248].


  • Add possibility to store meta data and content of an external file in an ASDF file [PR 215]

    • Python class: asdf.ExternalFile

    • Schema: core/file-1.0.0.yaml

  • Added support for serializing generic metadata and userdata attributes for weldx classes. [PR 209]

    • the provisional attribute names are wx_metadata and wx_user

  • None values are removed from the asdf tree for all weldx classes. [PR 212]

  • add datamodels directory and example schema [PR 190]

    • schemas in the datamodels directory do not define any tags and can be referenced in other schemas and as custom_schema when reading/writing ASDF-files

    • the single_pass_weld-1.0.0.schema is an example schema for a simple, linear, single pass GMAW application

    • add core/geometry/point_cloud-1.0.0.yaml schema [PR 234]

  • add file schema describing a simple linear welding application datamodels/single_pass_weld-1.0.0.schema [PR 256]


  • Simplify tutorial code and enhance plots by using newly implemented plot functions [PR 231] [PR 251]

  • add AWS shielding gas descriptions to documentation [PR 270]


  • pass variable names as tuple to sympy.lambdify in MathematicalExpression to prevent sympy deprecation [PR 214]

  • set conda-forge as primary channel in environment.yaml and build_env.yaml [PR 214]

  • set minimum Python version to 3.7 [PR 220]

  • geometry.Profile.rasterize can return list of rasterized shapes instead of flat ndarray (with setting stack=False) [PR 223]

  • geometry.Profile.plot plots individual line objects for each shape (instead of a single line object) [PR 223]

  • remove jinja templates and related code [PR 228]

  • add stack option to most geometry classes for rasterization [PR 234]

  • The graph of a CoordinateSystemManager is now plotted with CoordinateSystemManager.plot_graph instead of CoordinateSystemManager.plot. [PR 231]

  • add custom wx_shape validation for TimeSeries and pint.Quantity [PR 256]

  • refactor the transformations and visualization module into smaller files [PR 247]

  • refactor weldx.utility into util [PR 247]

  • refactor weldx.asdf.utils into asdf.util [PR 247]

  • it is now allowed to merge a time-dependent timedelta subsystem into another CoordinateSystemManager instance if the parent instance has set an explicit reference time [PR 268]


  • don not inline time dependent LocalCoordinateSystem.coordinates [PR 222]

  • fix “datetime64” passing for “timedelta64” in util.xr_check_coords [PR 221]

  • fix util.WeldxAccessor.time_ref_restore not working correctly if no time_ref was set [PR 221]

  • fix deprecated signature in WXRotation [PR 224]

  • fix a bug with singleton dimensions in xarray interpolation/matmul [PR 243]

  • update some documentation formatting and links [PR 247]

  • fix wx_shape validation for scalar pint.Quantity and TimeSeries objects [PR 256]

  • fix a case where CoordinateSystemManager.time_union would return with mixed pandas.DatetimeIndex and pandas.TimedeltaIndex types [PR 268]


0.2.2 (30.11.2020)#


  • Added util.ureg_check_class class decorator to enable pint dimensionality checks with @dataclass [PR 179].

  • Made coordinates and orientations optional for LCS schema. Missing values are interpreted as unity translation/rotation. An empty LCS object represents a unity transformation step. [PR 177]

  • added welding.util.lcs_coords_from_ts function [PR 199]

  • add a tutorial with advanced use case for combining groove interpolation with different TCP movements and distance calculations [PR 199]


  • refactor welding groove classes [PR 181]

    • refactor groove codebase to make use of subclasses and classnames for more generic functions

    • add _meta attribute to subclasses that map class attributes (dataclass parameters) to common names

    • rework get_groove to make use of new class layout and parse function arguments

  • create welding module (contains GMAW processes and groove definitions) [PR 181]

  • move GmawProcessTypeAsdf to asdf/tags folder [PR 181]

  • reorder module imports in weldx.__init__ [PR 181]

  • support timedelta dtypes in ASDF data_array/variable [PR 191]

  • add set_axes_equal option to some geometry plot functions (now defaults to False) [PR 199]

  • make welding.util.sine public function [PR 199]

  • switch to setuptools_scm versioning and move package metadata to setup.cfg [PR 206]


  • refactor ISO 9692-1 groove schema definitions and classes [PR 181]

    • move base schema definitions in file terms-1.0.0.yaml to weldx/groove

    • split old schema into multiple files (1 per groove type) and create folder iso_9692_1_2013_12

0.2.1 (26.10.2020)#


  • Documentation

  • CoordinateSystemManager

    • supports multiple time formats and can get a reference time [PR 162]

    • each instance can be named

    • gets a CoordinateSystemManager.plot function to visualize the graph

    • coordinate systems can be updated using CoordinateSystemManager.add_cs

    • supports deletion of coordinate systems

    • instances can now be merged and unmerged

  • LocalCoordinateSystem

    • LocalCoordinateSystem now accepts pandas.TimedeltaIndex and pint.Quantity as time inputs when provided with a reference pandas.Timestamp as time_ref [PR 97]

    • LocalCoordinateSystem now accepts WXRotation-objects as orientation [PR 97]

    • Internal structure of LocalCoordinateSystem is now based on pandas.TimedeltaIndex and a reference pandas.Timestamp instead of pandas.DatetimeIndex. As a consequence, providing a reference timestamp is now optional. [PR 126]

  • util.xr_interp_like now accepts non-iterable scalar inputs for interpolation. [PR 97]

  • add pint compatibility to some geometry classes (experimental)

    • when passing quantities to constructors (and some functions), values get converted to default unit mm and passed on as magnitude.

    • old behavior is preserved.

  • add weldx.utility.xr_check_coords function to check coordinates of xarray object against dtype and value restrictions [PR 125]

  • add weldx.utility._sine to easily create sine TimeSeries [PR 168]

  • enable force_ndarray_like=True as default option when creating the global pint.UnitRegistry [PR 167]

  • util.xr_interp_like keeps variable and coordinate attributes from original DataArray [PR 174]

  • rework util.to_pandas_time_index to accept many different formats (LCS, DataArray) [PR 174]

  • add utility functions for handling time coordinates to “weldx” accessor [PR 174]

ASDF extension & schemas#

  • add weldx.asdf.types.WxSyntaxError exception for custom weldx ASDF syntax errors [PR 99]

  • add custom wx_tag validation and update wx_property_tag to allow new syntax [ PR 99 ] the following syntax can be used:

    wx_tag:* # allow every version
    wx_tag: # fix major version
    wx_tag: # fix minor version
    wx_tag: # fix patch version
  • add basic schema layout and GmawProcess class for arc welding process implementation [PR 104]

  • add example notebook and documentation for arc welding process [PR 104]

  • allow optional properties for validation with wx_shape by putting the name in brackets like (optional_prop) [PR 176]


  • fix propagating the name attribute when reading an ndarray TimeSeries object back from ASDF files [PR 104]

  • fix pint regression in TimeSeries when mixing integer and float values [PR 121]

0.2.0 (30.07.2020)#


  • add wx_unit and wx_shape validators

  • add doc/ documentation for wx_shape [PR 75]

  • add doc/ documentation for wx_unit

  • add unit validation to iso_groove-1.0.0.yaml

  • fixed const/enum constraints and properties in iso_groove-1.0.0.yaml

  • add NetCDF inspired common types (Dimension, Variable) with corresponding asdf serialization classes

  • add asdf serialization classes and schemas for xarray.DataArray, xarray.Dataset, weldx.transformations.LocalCoordinateSystem and weldx.transformations.CoordinateSystemManager.

  • add test for xarray.DataArray, xarray.Dataset, weldx.transformations.LocalCoordinateSystem and weldx.transformations.CoordinateSystemManager serialization.

  • allow using pint.Quantity coordinates in LocalCoordinateSystem [PR 70]

  • add measurement related ASDF serialization classes: [PR 70]

    • equipment/generic_equipment-1.0.0

    • measurement/data-1.0.0

    • data_transformation-1.0.0

    • measurement/error-1.0.0

    • measurement/measurement-1.0.0

    • measurement/measurement_chain-1.0.0

    • measurement/signal-1.0.0

    • measurement/source-1.0.0

  • add example notebook for measurement chains in tutorials [PR 70]

  • add support for sympy expressions with weldx.core.MathematicalExpression and ASDF serialization in core/mathematical_expression-1.0.0 [PR 70], [PR 76]

  • add class to describe time series - weldx.core.TimeSeries [PR 76]

  • add wx_property_tag validator [PR 72]

    the wx_property_tag validator restricts all properties of an object to a single tag. For example the following object can have any number of properties but all must be of type

    type: object
    additionalProperties: true # must be true to allow any property

    It can be used as a “named” mapping replacement instead of YAML arrays.

  • add core/transformation/rotation-1.0.0 schema that implements scipy.spatial.transform.Rotation and WXRotation class to create custom tagged Rotation instances for custom serialization. [PR 79]

  • update requirements to asdf>=2.7 [PR 83]

  • update anyOf to oneOf in ASDF schemas [PR 83]

  • add __eq__ methods to LocalCoordinateSystem and CoordinateSystemManager [PR 87]

0.1.0 (05.05.2020)#


  • add basic file/directory layout for asdf files

    • asdf schemas are located in weldx/asdf/schemas/

    • tag implementations are in weldx/asdf/tags/weldx

  • implement support for pint quantities

  • implement support for basic pandas time class

  • implement base welding classes from AWS/NIST “A Welding Data Dictionary”

  • add and implement ISO groove types (DIN EN ISO 9692-1:2013)

  • add basic jinja templates and functions for adding simple dataclass objects

  • setup package to include and install ASDF extensions and schemas (see,

  • add basic tests for writing/reading all ASDF classes (these only run code without any real checks!)


  • add package configuration for install

    • required packages

    • package metadata

    • asdf extension entry points

    • version support

  • update pandas, scipy, xarray and pint minimum versions (in conda env and

  • add versioneer

  • update options in setup.cfg

  • update tool configurations