classmethod ArcSegment.linear_interpolation(segment_a, segment_b, weight)#

Interpolate two arc segments linearly.

This function is not implemented, since linear interpolation of an arc segment is not unique. The ‘Shape’ class requires succeeding segments to be connected through a common point. Therefore two connected segments must interpolate the connecting point in the same way. Connecting an arc segment to two line segments would enforce a linear interpolation of the start and end points. If the centre point is also interpolated in a linear way, might (or might not) result in different distances of start and end point to the center, which invalidates the arc segment. Alternatively, one can interpolate the radius linearly which guarantees a valid arc segment, but this can cause the center point to vary even though it is the same in both interpolated segments. To ensure the desired interpolation behavior, you have to provide a custom interpolation.

  • segment_a (ArcSegment) – First segment

  • segment_b (ArcSegment) – Second segment

  • weight (float) – Weighting factor in the range [0 .. 1] where 0 is segment a and 1 is segment b


Interpolated segment

Return type: